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Solon Branch Update
Friday, December 13, 2013

  • The cause of the fire is not 100% determined but believed to be electrical malfunction of the next door tenant (Vitamix) sign.
  • Liberty damage limited to smoke and water used to put the fire out
  • The firewall between Liberty and tenant next door effectively elimiated fire damage

  • The landloard (Darrell Young and Art Lawrence) have been very responsive to Liberty needs
    • Lease calls for rent abatement due to fire
    • Estimate 4-6 weeks before the branch can reopen
    • Electrical now restored
    • HVAC will be temporary fix
    • Roof repaired
    • Cleaning process started
    • Application for temporary operation filed with the City of Solon
  • Insurance companies informed and responsive
    • Liberty Insurance will cover from painted walls into space
      • Approved temporary building expense
        • Rental of temporary office through Sommers Leasing
        • Signage from FastSigns
        • Business interruption consultant will be Sils Insurance Services

    • Landlord building insurance to cover structure 

  • City of Solon, Police and Fire very responsive
    • November 26 - Planning Committee accepted our application for a temporary facility
    • December 2 - City Council will vote on approval of temporary building
    • December 13 - Utilities are in the process of being hooked up to the temporary building
    • The temporary building will open soon after the City of Solon inspects the building and approves occupancy

  • Customers have been notified and instructed of our method of continuing operations
    • Lock box service at Twinsburg
    • ATM now operational
    • Personal contact by Liberty Bank personnel
    • Website posted updates
    • Positive customer response